Penguins Make My Heart Happy

Today was so much fun and I loved it so so so much. We took about a two and a half hour drive down to the Cape of Good Hope today. It was so beautiful, but it was also super windy and there were times when I legitimately thought I was gonna be blown away by the wind. Afterwards, we went  to a restaurant that was really delicious and walked over to Boulder’s, which is a place to go see penguins. I took so many pictures and videos of the penguins and it really just makes my heart so happy to go through them (I think I’ve watched one video 30 times in the past hour). While we were there, I actually got to pet a penguin, even though we weren’t supposed to. They’re so fluffy and cute even though they try to bite you, but good news it doesn’t hurt too bad. I even offered up a pinky to one so that Jane could pet one (see picture below). The rest of the day just included a bus ride back to the hostel, supper, and then exchanging of pictures from everyone, so nothing too exciting. Tomorrow is our academic day to finish up some class work while we’re here (gross, I know) and the last few days after that are mostly free days, so I probably won’t be on here much before I post my final wrap up of the trip.

See ya soon, America.


too much wind, too much hair

Cape of Good Hope!

Cape of Good Hope!

If you zoom, you can witness me offering my pinky

If you zoom, you can witness me offering my pinky.

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