There’s No Such Thing as Goodbye.

Today was our last fay of social scoping and our work here in South Africa is done! While social scoping was so so emotionally draining, it really is a bittersweet thing. It had its ups and downs, but because of our work here I got to meet some truly amazing people that I won’t ever forget! After we finished our work today we got to have a final lunch with the local youth where we all just talked about the memories, our plans for the future, and of course found each other on Facebook. The rest of our day was a free day so a few of us went next door to the store and bought some soup to heat up in the kitchen of the hostel. With us all having colds, the soup was amazing. Afterwards, Jane and I headed up to the room and watched a movie before getting ready for bed. (I’m actually typing this from bed and will be going to sleep as soon as I post.) Y’all, the wind here is crazy. We’re talking 29 mph winds blowing from the southeast, according to my weather app, and our windows are rattling so badly right now. And sand. Lots of sand. If I walk outside and it’s windy I automatically cover my eyes because I’ve gotten so much sand in my eyes today. Other than that, today was great. It’s 9:45 here and I’m going to bed now.

 Much love, Brooke.

  Our last meeting with most of the youth that we’ve been working with! (Sorry for the bad quality)

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