Hip Hip, Hooray for Free Days!

Today was so much fun but I am sooooo tired! We actually got to sleep in until whenever today so Jane and I woke up at 9. At 10, we went to brunch at a really good cafe. We took an über there and the driver couldn’t find the place to drop us off at first. We were in a part of Cape Town we hadn’t been to before so Jane and I were so out of our comfort zone. We found the place after a little bit and it was delicious! After we finished our food, we realized that there was no wifi available to call an über to pick us up and set off on foot to find a place with free wifi. We knew we were about a 30 minute walk from our hostel and would have to walk through bad parts of town to get back, so walking wasn’t really an option. We found free wifi at a coffee joint that was closed, but had a free trial. We used that to call an über, and had two drivers cancel on us, so we were standing on a street corner for a little while before we finally got a ride back to the hostel.

When we got back, one of the guys with us wanted to walk down to he beach so we did that for about an hour and actually found a baby octopus. It was so cool and we probably watched it try and catch fish for 15 minutes. When we were done, we headed back to our hostel and hung out here for a little bit.

Since today is one of our only free days left of the trip, a few of us wanted to go hike a mountain and so we went to Lion’s Head and hiked! Our hike included a very steep hill to start, followed by climbing rocks, ladders, and staples to get to the top. And when I say the top I mean the very very top. It was such a struggle at some points but it was so much fun and so worth it. We watched the sunset and then came back down and headed to an amazing burger joint. That’s what we did with our free day and it was so so worth it.

The octopus we saw!

The octopus we saw!

Jane & I at the top of Lion's Head!

Jane & I at the top of Lion’s Head!



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