I Found Healthy, Happy Puppies :)

It’s Saturday, which means we only have 1 week and 1 day left before we’re headed back to the states! Thats kind of a bittersweet thing to say because I love it here, but I also miss everyone back home. Today definitely had its ups and downs. It’s Mandela’s birthday here, so we started off helping set-up for their big celebration. We just decorated the event area and then headed off to get some social scoping done. There were so many cute dogs today (Yes, I pet them. Sorry not sorry.) which was really nice because the majority of the animals we’ve seen here have been malnourished and mistreated. Seeing all the animals be healthy (for the most part) made me really happy. Also, we did social scoping of the nicer houses today, so there weren’t as many negative comments, although some did arise. To see the inside of some peoples homes look nice and taken care of was really refreshing compared to those we surveyed last week.

We ended work around two and got on the bus to head back. As we were waiting on everyone, some kids saw the bus and came to us. One kid proceeded to get on the bus and hug me, and of course I hugged him back. Until he tried to kiss me. We got him off the bus and shut the doors until we had to let our other Mercerians on the bus, and he got back on the bus and had a death grip on me and tried to kiss me again. (Cue the start of me having a panic attack here.) I couldn’t get him off of me and it took Jane and two guys to get him off of me. He literally had both of his arms wrapped tightly around my neck and was not letting go. After they got him off of me and off the bus, we shut the doors and headed back to our hostel and I calmed back down. It was just a combination of the fact that I: 1) don’t like people in my face and 2) hate to push kids away, but sometimes you just have to. Once we changed and got ready, we went to an open market and it was fun to bargain.

Tonight for supper, we went to an african restaurant and it was soooooo good. It was styled to where everyone could try everything on the menu, and then you could order extra of whatever you liked (unlimited). However, by the time I finished trying everything I was stuffed. At the end, the staff came out and did a tribal song/dance and it was so cool. It’s now 10:41 and I’m going to bed.

I have a solid one picture from today– shoutout to Reed for being stubborn and not letting me get pictures.

Until tomorrow, God Bless.

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