Rain Rain, Go Away…

Today was pretty unproductive and so that was really aggravating because we all want to be as productive as possible and help out a lot while we’re here. Today it has rained ALL day long so we couldn’t do social scoping or help build, but we did help break down everything. Afterwards, we took the scenic route home today which was beautiful but about an hour longer than usual. When we got back to our hostel I took a shower and took about a two hour nap which was fabulous, and then ate left overs to save money. That’s really all we did today so that’s boring but I do have a few pictures! Tomorrow, we’re supposed to do some more social scoping. While it’s a great thing and it is helping the people of Pelican Park, it’s really just draining all of our emotions. Asking people about the quality of their home (which is very poor) and their happiness in life is very sad because they don’t have a lot and there’s really nothing I can do to help them. That being said, we still have three days of social scoping and are going to push through to the finish.


A beach we passed on the way home!


So glad to be experiencing SA with my best friends!

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