Dugha, Dugha, Dugha

Today we got to actually work construction, and anyone who knows me knows that I loved every bit of it. We got to Pelican Park early this morning and sat through a briefing meeting to go through safety measures and instructions. Most of the instructions given were painfully obvious, but since we’re volunteers we had to for safety. We got the the row of 5 houses we were assigned to and began. Our working consisted of mixing dugha (essentially concrete), filling walls with dirt (for fire safety and stability), and forming brick lines to transport bricks long distances most efficiently. My favorite part of today was definitely working in the brick lines. It was so much fun, while being productive, and also providing a workout at the same time. Am I going to be sore tomorrow? Yes. Anyways, getting to work with all of the students from Mercer was so much fun because you could really see different peoples personalities, strengths, and weaknesses, which allows you to learn a lot about people very fast. After we were done with the dirty work, we helped clean up and then came back to the hostel to shower and getty ready for supper (and nap of course). I was abruptly woken up by Emily today 8 minutes before we were supposed to load the bus and was so confused as to why my alarm didn’t go off. Turns out if you set an alarm for 6 am it will not go off in the morning, not afternoon. I think my lack of sleep is getting to me. I ended up getting to the bus right at 6:25 and being the first person there (thanks Em, you’re a lifesaver). The place we went for supper was so nice and had quite an amazing view. (I’ve posted a picture below, however it does not capture the beauty of the mountains in the background.) The food was really great and I had a great, educational conversation about Pelican Park and Habitat for Humanity with the people I was sitting with so that was interesting. I’m now sitting in bed at 9:00 getting ready for bed like the little old lady I am, because I know 6 am will come early.

All the pictures from today are on someone else’s camera, so I do not have access to them, but hopefully I will be able to get them soon. Until then, enjoy a picture of the sunrise going to work this morning.

IMG_1841 IMG_1843

Story of Today: We’ve had a few people get sick this week. Our bus driver, Philip, who is amazing, found out and said I never get sick. We responded with “Philip, everyone gets sick.” And he said “no, I don’t get sick because my doctor is the biggest best doctor.” When we asked him who his doctor is, he spelled out “G-O-D” and was so proud to say that which made me really happy and made my appreciation for Philip even higher than it already was.

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