“So you like white girls now?”

Today was day two of social scoping in the Pelican Park neighborhood! We switched partners and met new youth and it was really nice. Today I worked with a girl named Shafika, who is really sweet and funny and helped me stay positive when I needed it most. We got along very well and I’m so glad I got to get to know her today and can’t wait to work with her more this week. We did the same questionnaire as yesterday, which was pretty invasive and roughly 30 minutes long. Talking to more people living in the neighborhood was fun and I got to play with some kids today which made me really happy! One of the houses I went to had 8 kids who all wanted to be in the room and listen to me talk. When I was getting ready to go, one of the little boy didn’t want me to leave and his mom asked him if he “liked white girls now” so that was really funny! I also had some troubles today with people understanding my accent and asking me where I was from, but that was expected. Tomorrow we are going to be helping build houses and mixing a lot of cement. I’m really excited to be doing that tomorrow, but I know it will probably make me very tired.Tonight for supper we had a brie (however you spell it?) which is equivalent to our cookout. We had steak and sausage and grilled cheese sandwiches and it was great (but obviously doesn’t compare to daddies grilling. lol). Here’s a picture of the brie while it was happening and it was so warm.  


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