All McDonald’s Don’t Have Free Wi-Fi

We made it to Cape Town today! Our flight was a little shorter than 12 hours long, which I was actually fine with. I slept A LOT on  the plane. It was interrupted by some turbulence once, but other than that, I slept really well. Once we got to Cape Town, we walked in a group to where we would grab lunch (oh, and out of 14 people security picked me to question, again.) Anyways, we went on a driving tour of Cape Town which was so neat. It’s crazy to see how similar, and different, things are. The biggest shocker to me was the driving. Not only do they drive on the left, but I feel like there isn’t much of a rule system to go by, and I would have definitely had a wreck. After that, we got to go up to Signal Mountain and got to overlook the city and even had a cute photo op, followed by Jane chasing a few wild turkeys. We rode around a little more before going to a beach that was beautiful and then heading to our hostel, which is decently nice. The only downfall is that we have limited wifi here, so we went to McDonalds much nicer than American McDonalds) but they didn’t have free wifi either. So on my limited 250 MB (0.25 GB) of data, I’m posting this and seeing what else I can do before I run out.


throwing what I know


we love fun photo ops


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  1. auntie · July 7, 2015

    Thanks for the report. Great fun!! AG

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